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Solar LED lights are an excellent source of illumination that is eco-friendly and cost-effective. With their low maintenance requirements, solar led solution are a great investment for many homeowners and businesses alike.

However, one of the concerns many people have with solar LED lights is their durability in extreme weather conditions. After all, extreme weather events such as heavy rain, snow, and wind can pose a challenge for any outdoor solar led street lights, and solar LED lights are no exception.

So, how do solar LED lights work in extreme weather conditions?

Let’s understand how solar panels work in different climatic conditions.

Solar panels in rain

You all know that solar panels work perfectly during sunlight, but do you know they can also work perfectly in less sunlight, especially during rainy days? The electricity generated by solar lights will depend on the intensity of rain.

Though they produce less light comparatively in rain, still function optimally. Moreover, rain will improve the efficiency of solar panels as it will wash away all the dirt and dust from the panels.

Solar panels in snow

As the snow accumulates on the solar panel, the sunlight still manages to reach the solar panel, which helps produce electricity. But excess snowfall can hamper the reach of sunlight affecting the power output.

However, solar panels are mounted at an angle that it’s easy to slide off the snow and the reflective glass of solar panels will melt the snow itself.

Solar panels in heat

Solar panels do not work efficiently in case of extreme heat as it affects the solar lead negatively, making it difficult to generate electricity. With excess heat, there will be a decrease in voltage which affects the efficiency of solar panels.

Install panels at a right angle, so they get proper air and select light-colored panels that can absorb the heat well, and panels should have a lower temperature coefficient.

Solar panels in winter

As compared to summer, winter is considered better for the performance of solar light. Solar produces great results when the temperature is low. Moreover, Winters along with the sun improve the efficiency of solar panels and generate more electricity. However, the only problem you face is an accumulation of excess snow, so by adjusting the angle of the solar panel, you can slide off the snow.

If you are considering purchasing solar LED lights, rest assured that they are a great investment that can provide you with years of reliable and eco-friendly lighting.