Google’s Project Sunroof initiative, which analyzes the viability of buildings for rooftop solar. They found that almost 90% of buildings in Florida and California are viable to be outfitted with solar panels. Even the “not so sunny” states, such as Maine and Minnesota, about 60% of buildings found to be viable.

Traditional rooftop solar panels may be on their way out in favor of more innovative solutions. Building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) go beyond traditional rooftop panel installation. Going so far as to replace integral structural features, like rooftops and facades, with solar PV panels. Rooftop solar is certainly a step in the right direction for renewable energy, but it isn’t always enough. In some cases, your typical rigid solar panels aren’t the right fit. While BIPV is a great way to incorporate solar, it requires a good amount of planning ahead, whereas

ClearWorld’s flexible solar panels make it easy to adopt solar in unlikely situations. The RetroFlex design allows both functioning and non-functioning outdoor light poles to replace or supplement the conventional power supply from the grid. The flexible panels can be retrofitted onto existing infrastructure of any size, shape or diameter, bringing cost-saving benefits straight to the consumer.