IoT  (Internet of things) leads the way in smart cities solutions — and the industry will only continue to grow as technology improves. A recent study by MarketsandMarkets™ shows us that the IoT market in relation to smart cities will grow from $130.6 billion to $312.2 billion by 2026, representing these massive leaps in the invention. IoT efforts cover a wide variety of sectors, from sensors to grid software to smart lighting, and all work together to form more comprehensive networks.

ClearWorld is proud to work with some of the key players in IoT and driving digital transformation. We are providing resilient battery power poles to support the industry’s best-in-breed IoT applications to make our cities smarter, more efficient, sustainable, and safer.

Qualcomm, Nokia, T-Mobile, IBM, Intel Corporation, Honeywell, Schneider, Electric, Microsoft Signify

IoT in Smart Cities Market To More Than Double By 2026, Says MarketsandMarkets