Every industry is rethinking how to produce and consume more responsibly. From an environmental and an economic standpoint, how can technology and new structures be applied to increase efficiency and reduce risk and dependence on antiquated systems?

How can we protect ourselves from future electrical and weather disasters?

How can we implement sustainable technology, create jobs, and rethink infrastructure to improve the quality of life for our communities?

ClearWorld’s mission began with a streetlight and through our relationships with city leaders and our technology partners, the RetroFlex solution is developed more so as remote battery supply, interconnecting our buildings, cars, and citizens.

Through P3 partnerships, ClearWorld is able to offer cities access to multiple additional revenue streams. This additional revenue, paired with cost avoidance, reduced consumption, and workforce development lends itself to more SDG goals that will collectively build a more sustainable and equitable future. Investments being made into safeguarding our future are also self-funding projects and social programs for today.

The repetitive inequitable investments made into compromised infrastructure have led to rising energy costs and these prices are already set to increase 2% or more yearly.

Federal incentives may now be in place to support local and utility goals, but what does that mean for the average citizen?