In December, Smart City Expo Miami provided local changemakers a global platform to highlight smart city innovations and exchange ideas with 289 cities and 85 countries. With over 5,000 participants, conversations around sustainable, smart, and resilient cities had many common themes.

“Bold ideas are often best launched at the local level and then scaled up to the state, national and international levels,” Levine Cava asserted. “Miami-Dade County is the ideal place for all this innovation to happen.”

South Florida is adding 20,000 new green jobs and setting an example to all cities, especially those most susceptible to catastrophic climate events and along the coast. Through innovative P3 partnerships, Miami is taking the lead in American sustainability efforts- leveraging data, developing resilient infrastructure systems, increasing efficiency, reducing crime and driving local economies.

Ask me how a small patented solar solution company, based out of New Orleans, is working with cities around the world to increase resiliency and drive innovation towards a transparent, sustainable, and community-centered future.

How to build resilient communities? Smart City Expo Miami highlights practical, optimistic approaches