‘In a virtual address last week, Buttigieg said he anticipates cities that will be built on connected technology and guided by policy that encourages collaboration.’

Many of us share the same vision for a smarter, more inclusive, equitable, and sustainable future. A future where citizens drive initiatives that support local goals to enhance safety, efficiency and connectivity. With more and more people moving to cities, the need for a collective smart city approach with a focus on sustainability and community engagement has taken precedence over prior smart city initiatives that’s main aim was to be the most technologically advanced. True revolutionary innovation, as we are seeing today, relies heavily on collaboration for the greater good. Through renewable energy sources, sustainable agriculture, smart transportation, and innovative building materials we are collectively able to build a more equitable and promising future for our communities.

Last week, at CES, we saw once again how smart city innovations rely so heavily on collaboration to build connected infrastructure to build for the future.

Did you attend last week’s event?

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