Testing/Quality Control Performance Measures

We are committed to the quality of our product. This is why we go through extensive testing procedures to ensure that our product is safe. Our product is also reliable in different weather scenarios that can be encountered throughout the globe. In order to simulate various weather scenarios, we work with the American Testing And Assessment Laboratories out of Houston, TX to test our product under varying degrees of heat, dust, and moisture.

The American Testing and Assessment Laboratories (ATAL) is one of the premier NVLAP accredited (NVLAP Lab Code 201019-0) facilities in the world. It has accreditation to perform 44 individual types of testing in the Energy Efficient Lighting Products category. The NVLAP accreditation (NVLAP Lab Code 201019-0) provides customers the assurance needed to be flexible. Also, to be successful in the continuously evolving lighting industry.

Below is a photo of our product being tested in the ATA lab: