Major cities, in a sense, have stepped back from the arms race of driving tech innovation- not due to the efficiency of these advances but more so to focus on what matters most. Their residents.

Highlighted by the pandemic, cities had to shift their focus from just being the most ‘technologically advanced’ to becoming the most sustainable and efficient.

In many ways, these things go hand in hand but by narrowing in on their definition of a ‘smart city’, cities can focus in on what it is they can do to improve the quality of life for their residents by putting together a smart city strategy that truly addresses their weaknesses.

Smart Cities Dive received feedback from 15 of the country’s largest cities about the data-driven decisions being made to drive economic growth in their cities.

ClearWorld and our partners work to provide cities with turn-key sustainable solutions to improve the quality of life for residents by increasing efficiency and leveraging data with resilient infrastructure systems.

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