ClearWorld Lights Fight Crime

The New York Times recently reported that Oakland’s city rise in crime was directly a result of poor street lighting.  The reason for the city’s lack of attention to addressing and solving the issue was related to the cost of keeping the lights on. And new California regulations to keep the night sky dark.  Cities are burdened by keeping the lights on and old technology takes a toll on the meters.  This is leaving city administration scrambling to provide answers.  According to the article, Santa Rosa has saved $400,000 a year as a result of removing streetlights and using timers. Further, the problem in Oakland is compounded with a $76 million budget. It’ll not allow administrators to increase lighting for the city, despite crime being up 25 percent since lights went down.

Recently, a client talked to us about his concerns for citizens being subjected to crime as a result of poor streetlights.  He selected ClearWorld because of the remote reporting capabilities of our lights.  He let us know that having “Smart” lights that tell city administrators when lights go out or when they need to be changed was key to their selection. Also, he indicated that lights with old technology would typically be offline for weeks before a problem would be noticed and reported.  The city attributed a report by the Department of Justice that showed a 35% decrease in crime in well lit areas.

When our solutions give clients peace of mind, it makes us feel a greater sense of accomplishment.  We are out to make significant strides in providing clear solutions. It is to help citizens with safety, environmental awareness. Perhaps most importantly, completely eliminate the cost of keeping the lights on.

Learn more by contacting us to find out how we do what we do.  We have the solution, it is just a matter of turning us on!

To read the entire New York Times Article, Click Here.

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