street lights solar | ClearWorld LLC

ClearWorld is proud to be a part of the vision of the Lafayette community in developing Moncus Park and will be an ongoing provider of advanced solar LED lighting systems to light up the park in an environmentally friendly, zero-carbon way.

Moncus Park, located in the heart of Acadiana in Lafayette, is approximately 100 acres of rolling hills, open meadows, and forested ravines, spotted with large live oak trees. It is the last remaining significantly sized piece of beautiful undeveloped public property located within the city.

An oasis of serenity begins the moment you depart the hustle and bustle of Johnston Street, and wind your way through the sanctuary of brightly colored flowers and splendid trees. Your stress will melt away as you are greeted with native Louisiana plants that burst with color year-round. You will be embraced by the peaceful shade cast from tall pine trees and majestic live oaks whose sweeping limbs are truly emblems of our southern home. Should you arrive by foot, bike, or car, beauty awaits and abounds.

Moncus Park chose to partner with ClearWorld because of the aesthetics of the system but also because of the company’s dedication to helping cities and organizations go 100% renewable. ClearWorld’s solution was also the better option financially and was the least disturbing to the ecosystem in the park.

Moncus Park