Solar Powered Led Lights | ClearWorld LLC

ClearWorld’s 45 Off-Grid Solar LED Streetlights passed the test, as 6 feet of racing water flooded the area in. And around the City of Nassau Bay T.X. All 45 lights stayed on throughout Hurricane Harvey to provide safety and security for the residents.

Recently, The City of Nassau Bay and many others in surrounding areas experienced one of the most devastating experiences ever witnessed. Hurricane Harvey left an insurmountable amount of damage to the area. Two years ago, Nassau Bay, as part of a resiliency initiative to provide safety, sustainability, and environmental protection. It installed fifty RetroFlex lights. The goal of the city was to provide a safe environment and brighter lit areas for the residents.

The Department of Justice found that crime decreased by 35% overall when having the proper lighting within a city. This statistic doesn’t account for times when looters take advantage of those away from their homes and businesses, which costs taxpayers higher prices. Citizens become most valuable when these disasters occur. These are events that take place regularly, but yet you hear very little of in the news. ClearWorld’s goal will continue to provide lighting in times of need with an off-grid stand-alone reliable light source. And it will be maintained through most severe weather conditions.

Through the use of our cylindrical design, it is capable of withstanding 150 MPH winds, making it hurricane resistant. Because all components are installed at the top of the light pole, it is also flood resistant as well. A flood won’t affect your off-grid power because it is so high off of the ground.

It is with these measures that ClearWorld makes energy-efficient living a possibility, even for those who experience tragic loss at the hands of natural disasters. By investing in solar energy, cities like Nassau Bay can continue to provide a safe environment for residents. And even during the threat of flooding, severe storms, and wind damage.