Smart Cities and Solar: A Winning Combination

Sustainability is no longer just a trend, it’s a way of life for some smart cities. According to Sustainable Cities Collective, cities across the globe are revamping their infrastructure to “capitalize on new technologies and integrate connected solutions into the very fabric of how they operate and care for their citizens”. Barcelona, amongst many others, has initiated “aggressive solutions to incorporate solar energy, electric cars, and sensors, and mobile apps to improve public transportation, security, parking, lighting, and waste management”.

A major player in the infrastructure transformation is the addition of solar LED technology. ClearWorld’s patented RetroFlex technology is unique. It allows existing infrastructure to be modified while incorporating smart and sustainable technology. Streetlights can be retrofit with solar LEDs to conserve energy and provide a unique off-grid energy solution.

Moreover, the goal of smart cities is to improve the quality of life of citizens. Smart cities accomplish this by conserving our environment, utilizing IoT sensors and technology to connect components across the city, and reducing overall energy costs. Also, just one RetroFlex unit reduces CO2 by over 4,500 lbs. per year. ClearWorld is a global leader in smart city technology and communications. To learn more about how ClearWorld can bring smart city applications to your city, visit our smart city map.