Solar Lighting for Parks

Solar LED Lighting 

ClearWorld currently provides solar LED lighting systems for over 80 cities in the United States and has installations in 10 countries as well as several military bases. In addition our systems have also been placed in city, state, and national parks across the country. Millions of families visit parks annually to enjoy nature and spend time together. Whether just playing or hiking trails, or just enjoying the outdoors, nearly everyone loves the experience.

Due to lack of lighting most parks tend to close at sundown but parks that have lighting stay open later. The problem with many parks is that they are in remote areas where electric power is unavailable which makes conventional lighting virtually impossible. This is why the solar lighting industry is so exciting. Solar lighting is powered by the sun so no wiring or electric power grid is needed. New technology is also allowing wireless communications such as 5G and WIFI as well as video surveillance and USB charging stations to be implemented on light poles.

The ability to utilize off grid solar lighting in parks provides numerous benefits and solutions to problems previously unaddressed. Now park visitors can stay after hours because trails, pavilions, parking lots and other areas are lighted with solar power. The added ability of having communications available solves a safety issue by providing cellular communications in areas that previously had spotty service or no service at all.

The solar LED lighting systems provided by ClearWorld can also be programmed to operate at specific times before installation or can be controlled by a Bluetooth application. This option allows the parks to determine whether they want the lights to only be available for a finite time period or stay on all night. Most parks will opt to leave parking lots and ranger stations to remain lit but will turn off trail lights a couple hours after dark in order not to interfere with nocturnal animals. That said, in case of emergency the trail lighting can be turned on by Bluetooth.

The ability to program the lights as well as the Bluetooth capability also enables the parks to open earlier than would be possible without lighting. This increases the availability of the parks to visitors who may want to get in a jog or hike before work as well as providing additional safety. In addition our lighting systems are also Dark Sky Compliant, which is a very important feature in areas where light pollution is undesirable.

Contact us at ClearWorld and tell us about your location and potential problems you are wanting to solve and we will design a solar LED lighting solution that will meet all of your needs while requiring zero conventional electricity and minimal disturbance to the environment.