Budget Cuts Affecting America’s Future

This month seven former heads of the United States Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (from both Republican and Democratic Administrations) got together to warn Congress that Trump’s budget was going to seriously hurt America’s energy future. Trump’s budget cut calls for a 5.6 percent cut to the Energy Department as a whole. These budget cuts come when other countries like China and India are becoming global leaders in clean energy. Many of these technologies are first developed in the United States because of EERE’s research. China is planning on spending over 360 Billion and creating 13 million jobs through 2020.

Despite the seemingly bad outlook, China and the state of California have recently agreed to work together on reducing emissions. This sure to be a fruitful partnership is an exciting development for the American nation. It proves that recently proposed budget cuts will not spell disaster for America’s green initiative, but rather promote its success.

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