In times of crisis, many areas lose electricity. To help fix this problem, more attention pointed towards solar generators because they don’t require fuel like conventional diesel generators. Solar power generators are extremely helpful in disaster situations. As you won’t have to worry about finding fuel and with solar, you won’t have to wait. Solar technology is easy to move which is ideal for aiding disaster relief.  Short-term relief isn’t the only benefit, solar technology can also help to make disasters less disastrous in the long run. Solar power systems make the power grid more resilient.

The best smart city technologies offered by ClearWorld is the ability to provide 80 hours or more of backup power. It provides backup to city infrastructure during power outages which greatly enhances city resiliency.  Also, our team is happy to educate you on the Solar LED process, the installation, and what to expect from our products.  ClearWorld, with the use of its RETROFLEX® and other related game-changing alternative energy technologies and solutions, proves time and again vast benefits for the environment, economy, and society.