There are also many advantages too when it comes to making the move to LED lighting. The costs of keeping up a college facility are extraordinary. College campuses are so large and have many student facilities that must be lit most of the day and at night. It will save money, help the campus go green, and most importantly it will help with campus security.   The better quality of light improves student safety.  For students walking through campus, LED lighting much more than just lighting your space, it will leave fewer dark areas and will help eliminate spots that are targeted by criminals.


LEDs lighting helps to reduce shadows and will make the entire campus better lit. LEDs make it easier to light corners and unusual spaces, unlike incandescent or compact fluorescent bulbs. Also, LEDs require much less maintenance.  Reducing light outages and maintaining the integrity of campus security. The lights can operate for up to 50,000 hours which is approximately eight years. Safety benefits aren’t the only positive, the longevity LEDs leads to lower maintenance costs and higher staff productivity.  During bad weather at night LED lights will turn on instantly to full brightness. They won’t need to warm.


ClearWorld’s RetroFlex light poles improve safety in public spaces with the ability to provide off-grid lighting for playgrounds and trails. To learn how smart city applications can benefit you, visit ClearWorld’s smart city map.