Industrial IoT and the Smart Grid Connection

The smart grid concept is being looked to by politicians and municipalities around the world. Energy independence, climate change, and resilience in emergencies are just some of the many benefits to the smart grid solution. Of course, smart grids are integral in smart cities as part of the Internet of Things. ClearWorld products, which are part of the IoT, allow users to decrease dependency on traditional sources of energy.


The main idea when it comes to smart grids is to be open source. It doesn’t matter how the power is generated—whether it comes from traditional sources or renewables. Smart grids enable to be scalable for advanced city infrastructure projects, those involving telematics or conventional storage to power households. Our role as energy storage providers is to provide power that can be shifted to where it needs to be in the smart grid.


ClearWorld’s InterGrid solution is an energy storage microgrid technology solution. InterGrid is an intelligent solar lighting system, designed to use and store solar power. And also to provide backup power to municipalities and utility companies. Bundled solution integrates energy storage, photovoltaic panels and electric vehicle recharging station to optimize energy flows with information technology platform. It is to improve communication with generators and promote grid efficiency, as well as a forecasting system for distributed generation.