IoT Powered Transportation Systems | ClearWorld LLC

Some cities are now using interoperable wireless communications networks that link up cars, buses, trucks, trains, emergency vehicles, personal mobile devices — molding them into a unified transportation infrastructure. Once in place, such a system does fundamentally change the transportation system paradigm because it provides ordinary people with a broad range of new tools (including ones that are useful in the midst of driving, commuting, walking, or planning a trip). It makes urban travel faster, easier, more accessible, and more environmentally friendly. IoT technologies make it possible for ClearWorld to access natural resources and use them to their maximum potential. Without this inventive technology and smart city applications, many of the residents of rural areas would not have access to the energy storage that they rely on.


As IoT grows and develops, a number of forces are driving massive shifts in transportation expectations and needs. These changes are being caused by advances in technology, and also by shifting socio-economic factors. Technology is doing much more than simply increasing connectivity. As consumers of information, city resident and visitors all have personal devices and navigation systems. Some providers of technology-powered transit solutions argue that commuters probably have more information about current traffic status than the experts sitting inside the traffic management centers. Without better visibility into the real world conditions that prevail at this very moment. Such managers can’t serve the citizen’s needs very well.


Urbanization is driving the need for more efficient transportation systems. With more people living in cities than in rural areas, traffic congestion is on the rise. As technology evolves, so do safety and security policies. Technology capabilities that were not available a few decades ago have emerged. And requires public safety and security officials to upgrade requirements if they want to take advantage of most up-to-date technologies.


Our flexible solar panels are part of the IoT and allow for creative applications such as smart parking. It increased security with remote camera monitoring, and infrastructure for public WiFi expansion. ClearWorld’s RetroFlex panels are helping to improve safety and resiliency in their many applications. With a battery capable of storing 8 days of off-grid power, we are bringing solutions to rural and low-income residents.