The Urban IoT Revolution | ClearWorld LLC

Reliable communication networks and services have long been a critical element in ensuring both the public welfare and our economic stability. Malicious attacks on the Internet, disruptions due to physical phenomena, software and hardware failures, and human errors. It all affects the proper functioning of essential public services that run over telecommunication networks. Such disruptions reveal the increased dependency of our cities on these networks and their services.


Where information lives, and how it is accessed, has been changing dramatically over these last few years. The convergence of all of Information Technology’s biggest megatrends (greater and greater Mobility, bigger Big Data, and growing high-speed Clouds). It is resulting in the facts of life that we now take for granted. From connecting more people, processes, data, and things than ever before. The result is nothing less than the IoT revolution.


In cities, this is already having some very positive impacts: enabling high levels of cross-sector collaboration (linking, for instance, new sources of energy with smart and connected electric vehicles); increasing efficiencies; expanding economic opportunities; reducing the harmful environmental impacts of human activity. As a result of these new urban possibilities – all enabled by emerging digital technologies. Cities are quickly becoming powerful IoT hubs as they integrate computing, networking, skills, and culture. And spur innovation in areas as diverse as health, transport, and finance.


For residential areas, ClearWorld’s Smart City Initiatives  provides better security with smarter lighting and remote surveillance camera monitoring.  At nearby parks and campuses we will provide security and emergency call buttons on light poles and USB charging stations options.