Lighting Canada's Most Sustainable Community

What better way to light Canada’s most sustainable community, Sifton’s West5, in London Ontario, than to do so with Solar LED street lighting provided by Frederick & Simon Inc. and ClearWorld LLC.? 

Frederick & Simon Inc. is very pleased to announce the contract award for solar RetroFlex LED streetlights for the West5 Townhouse development currently under construction in London, Ontario by Sifton Properties Ltd.

This order is the second phase of a commercial assessment being performed by Sifton into the viability of the Solar RetroFlex Lighting System. The streetlights will be supplied with 320W solar panels and 1.8kWhr lithium-ion batteries with integral charge controllers as well as 20ft steel powder coated poles. The solar lights will be used as part of the lighting system that illuminates the 70-unit townhouse complex.

The solar LED lights are completely off-grid and rely solely on the energy provided from the sun. The lights maintain a battery capacity of approximately two weeks in the event of prolonged rainy and cloudy conditions. The solar RetroFlex units will be installed early this summer during the construction phase of the project.

“Sifton is doing what no other developer has done before, to this extent, in Canada. This is very sustainable and renewable development and we are pleased to be a part of it.” says Michael Brady Cofounder of Frederick & Simon Inc. “We look forward to other communities and installations of this type in Canada.”

“We are excited to be one of the first developers in Canada using these solar streetlights”, say Richard Sifton, President & CEO of Sifton Properties. “We hope these lights, along with other innovative technology used at West 5 will lead the way for building smarter, more energy efficient communities in the future”.

West 5 is the most visionary, sustainable lifestyle destination ever built in Canada. It will change everything, innovation, and experience. With design forward office and retail space. An eclectic central park, full of art, culture, and energy. Plus modern townhomes, apartments & retirement residence.

“We are always proud to work with Developers who take a proactive approach through sustainable initiatives and building practices, to make the world a better place”, says Larry Tittle, Founder, and CEO of Clear World.

Frederick & Simon Inc. is a Burlington Ontario based consulting firm that specializes in new market development services and exclusively represents and distributes products and services to the Canadian market; namely for clients such as ClearWorld LLC.

Established in London, Ontario in 1923, Sifton Properties is a family-owned land development and property management company that has diversified its operations to include Neighbourhood Developments, New Home Construction, Residential Rentals, Commercial Properties, and Retirement Living.

ClearWorld LLC is an alternative energy systems provider that has developed RetroFlex: an innovative, patented solution combining photovoltaic solar panels and battery storage that can retrofit to roadway lighting systems. RetroFlex is both an on-grid and off-grid solution for a variety of customers ranging from municipalities to electric utilities to architects and designers. ClearWorld’s next-generation renewable and energy efficiency technology eliminates upfront capital costs while reducing utility operating and maintenance costs over its 20-year life span.

This article was written by Mike Brady and originally appeared on Frederick & Simon. Image: ©Sifton Properties Ltd. –