Smart Cities Make Safer Cities

One of the most important benefits comes along with the implementation of smart city technologies is the improvements in safety. In global case studies, introducing new technology-driven solutions slashed crime levels by up to 30% in some cities. ClearWorld recognizes the importance of public safety and the role that smart city technology will play in making U.S. streets safer.

Smart cities rely on massive networks of data, obtained from IoT devices all across the city. If developed cohesively, networks can integrate with one another to pull in and analyze every aspect of a smart city. This includes everything from energy management and smart grids, to public transport, traffic management, healthcare, and much more. As municipalities and political parties look for ways to garner greater public support, smart cities may provide them with the results they’re looking for. Every individual would benefit from the enhanced public safety made possible by new technology.

From an economic development standpoint, these safer cities would also benefit from the cost-effectiveness of ClearWorld technology. When a city is revitalized, often times those first few dollars of the budget go toward installing new streetlights to improve public safety. Outfitted with our flexible Solar panels, regardless of size or diameter with the existing infrastructure. This will greatly reduce installation and maintenance costs.

ClearWorld’s RetroFlex light poles improve safety in public spaces with the ability to provide off-grid lighting for playgrounds and trails. Inclusion of security call button, installed directly on pole, means fewer people will feel unsafe in public parks at night. In residential areas, the light fixtures bring about increased security with remote camera monitoring. To learn how smart city applications can benefit you, visit ClearWorld’s smart city map.