Solar Brings Light to Rural Areas

Often, access to the electrical grid is difficult for those in rural communities. In many parts of the world, residents are forced to resort to outdated techniques for lighting their homes, preserving food and other tasks that require electricity. ClearWorld is committed to helping these people and many others by introducing a solution for completely off-grid power with energy storage.

American Indian reservations are often hit the hardest. Revealed information from the 1990 Census (the last year the data was available) that approximately one-third of homes on the Navajo Nation reservation do not have access to the electrical grid. The constant frustrations of restricted energy access led to Navajo Nation resident Helen Salazar requesting an off-grid Solar energy system.

Salazar and others can greatly benefit from off-grid power. But also, often need to carefully monitor their energy usage due to weak battery storage. ClearWorld’s unique Solar and battery combination allows for up to eight days of off-grid energy storage.  So, a power outage won’t leave residents in the dark. Many rural and low-income areas don’t have the funding to build new infrastructure. Which is why it’s important that ClearWorld’s RetroFlex panels be outfitted to any existing infrastructure, regardless of diameter and shape. Much like our participation in the Door Creek project shows, ClearWorld remains devoted to helping people in these areas by providing off-grid solutions.