The Benefits of a Smart City

Smart Cities are a rapid growing trend that is spreading everywhere. There are many benefits of Smart Cities Broadband Networks, some of those benefits are revenue generation, enhanced public safety and city services. Cities are growing at a fast pace and it will benefit everyone by helping with basic everyday tasks to helping with safety.

Revenue generation is a huge benefit because of street light leases. Wireless carriers have long term leases on street lights in preparation for 5G. These leases are a brand new revenue to cities that they have never seen.

Street lights will assist majorly with public safety. LED lights will help with public safety because they will improve night vision. Streetlights can be equipped with cameras and sensors to monitor the street and road conditions. Devices can also assist with EMS delivery, gunshot detection, and speakers for broadcasting alerts. Overall these devices will help cities stay safer and help citizens daily.
Cities will also be able to have better services throughout towns. The wifi capabilities will help tremendously, it will even help customers find parking spots and parking enforcement. Seniors will also see benefits from the Smart Cities. Wearable medical devices will “talk” to the streetlights. Waste collection will even benefit because trash cans will also have sensors to “talk” to the streetlights. There is no way to doubt that a Smart City will benefit everyone.