Four years ago local business owner Larry Tittle secured the patent to develop a light bulb that makes use of LED and solar energy technology. Today, he will be obtaining an office space and warehouse to meet the ongoing demands of a better, cleaner solution.

The new space has 4,000 sq. ft. for the offices and an additional 6,000 sp. ft. for warehouse space.

Tittle officially launched ClearWorld in the beginning of 2012 and spent the next two years testing out the product in Harahan. The city piloted the use of the lights in three different locations including a senior center and two separate subdivisions.

With several states having enacted laws that put the state government in a position of leading by example when it comes to energy efficiency initiatives, ClearWorld is well equipped to handle upcoming and future orders on an international scale.

With the outpour of interest in Solar technology in states who commit to green initiatives, Tittle hopes that growing interest in energy efficient resources in construction will help ClearWorld gain traction locally.

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