ClearWorld's Latest Partnership

ClearWorld and National Electric Distribution partners within CED have started what could be the most promising alliance: creating mobile trailers. The mobile trailers will act as liaisons to cities who would benefit from ClearWorlds’ products. Having these scattered trailers throughout North Carolina and Virginia states will encourage embracing Solar technology for all of its benefits.
The durability of the product, being able to withstand winds upwards of 150 MPH and less degradation from heat damage than a glass pane, is just the surface of benefits. These solar panels can provide light, without sun, for 3 days. They can also withstand flooding due to negating the necessity of electrical power sources, and the maintenance of the product is the best part. The grid system notifies if there is a malfunction so it can be properly handled.
For Cities like Austin, TX whose goal is to be Carbon neutral by 2020. Knowing that Austin Energy is the nation’s top seller of renewable energy, there is no question as to whether or not invest in technology that ClearWorld has to offer. The city began the initiative in 2007, and ClearWorld‘s products provide the cornerstone to achieving this goal. And also, simultaneously preventing outlandish expenses and hassle. We want to embrace this mentality and educate cities on their options for energy.

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