How Much Can You Save With Solar Panels? Just Ask Google

If you’re one of many who are still on the fence about whether or not investing in solar energy is worthwhile, then listen up. Google has the ROI you are looking for because they, too need some definitive results to sway their approval.
Google has created a new initiative called “Project Sunroof” that has the ability to calculate your homes’ solar power potential. This all came about after the creator of the project, Carl Elkin. He noticed that people are constantly referring to google for more information on solar technology. While his job is in the field of a search engine, he utilized his free time (independent projects that are encouraged by Google to be worked on for 20% of the monthly work schedule) to develop a more constructive piece of information on the direct correlation between solar panels and one’s household location. This led to a more personalized way of viewing benefits of solar energy than on a larger, more general stage.
To view the article and learn more about “Project Sunroof”, click here.


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