ClearWorld partners with Miasolé, Signs Multi Mega Watt Supply Agreement for Advanced Solar LED Lighting Solutions Globally

Santa Clara, CA – ClearWorld, an alternative energy system solution provider and MiaSolé have entered into an exclusive Multi-MW agreement. Also, MiaSolé will be the sole supplier of flexible, lightweight solar panels for ClearWorld’s unique LED lighting system, RETROFLEX®.

ClearWorld RETROFLEX®, available internationally, a patented lighting technology that brings clear cost-saving and environmental benefits to clients. Light poles harness solar energy and provide outdoor lighting that preserves resources, requires no moving parts, and virtually maintenance free. And also, the RetroFlex® unit supports wireless monitoring for faults as well as wireless programming including dimming capabilities. Its unique design allows the panels to affixed to any dimension, diameter, or finish. And will work with any existing pole without compromising the integrity of its design.

MiaSolé FLEX uniquely well suited to this application as the lightweight, flexible panels wrap around base of the light structure. And then, eliminating the solar rectangle “wing” design of typical solar street light panels. Not only does this reduce the chance of vandalism and theft, but it preserves the aesthetic appeal of the light. Additionally, the manner in which the FLEX panels attach to the cylindrical shape of the pole increases resistance to wind. A traditional solar light with rectangular panel can withstand 70 to 90 mph winds. While a light powered by a MiaSolé flexible panel can withstand 150+ mph. Furthermore, the curved design performs better in high temperatures, allows for better solar absorption throughout the day through a curved axis, and resists panel surface buildup of debris.

MiaSolé FLEX panels are the most efficient thin-film lightweight flexible panels on the market today. With an efficiency rating of 15.5 — generating the most power possible. Also, For ClearWorld, the power generated by a MiaSolé panel is sufficient to charge a backup battery that can power an LED streetlight for up to eight days, meaning even in times of inclement weather the light will be operational. Because solar-powered lighting is self-contain. It is off-grid and uses in remote installations and unaffected by power outages. It is ideal for roadways, sidewalks, apartment and condominium complexes, corporate and industrial parking lots, retail parking lots, university campuses, government institutions, and military installations.

“Since our RetroFlex is such a unique, patented product, we required a partner who could help us deliver our creativity to a broad audience and marketplace,” said Larry Tittle, ClearWorld President, and Founder. “MiaSolé panels work well with the functionality that allows our RetroFlex solution to get around existing poles, no matter the scope, size or challenge… we can make it happen. Our collaboration with MiaSole is optimal because of the dynamic similarities we have with our products. We focus on innovation and reliability, backed by our 10-year warranty and proven savings in the cost of utility that many areas suffer from.”


About ClearWorld

ClearWorld – is an alternative energy provider specializing in solar LED lighting for urban spaces. ClearWorld designs and retrofits energy-efficient lighting systems that reduce utility operating and maintenance cost. And also, harnessing the most abundant renewable energy source available – solar energy –to provide outdoor lighting that preserves resources, requires no moving parts, and is virtually maintenance-free. Specifically, ClearWorld provides off-grid/on-grid solar LED lighting solutions for roadways, sidewalks, apartment and condominium complexes, retail and corporate parking lots, university campuses, government institutions, military installations, and other spaces in need of lighting solutions. Information about ClearWorld can be found by visiting


About MiaSolé

MiaSolé is a producer of thin-film Copper Indium Gallium Selenide (CIGS) solar cells and panels. Founded in 2004, MiaSolé has evolved from a Silicon Valley start-up to the world leader in thin film solar panel efficiency. In its Sunnyvale, CA facility, we have demonstrated 15.5% module efficiency in production and 18% cell efficiency in the lab. In December 2012, MiaSolé became a member of the Hanergy family. MiaSolé joined the Hong Kong listed Hanergy Thin Film Power Group as MiaSolé Hi-Tech. Hanergy provides unparalleled financial, technical, and sales expertise. Since acquisition, MiaSolé has continued to increase cell performance as well as develop new applications for our technology. Additional information about MiaSolé can be found by visiting on Facebook at


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