ClearWorld partners with Miasolé, Signs Multi Mega Watt Supply Agreement for Advanced Solar LED Lighting Solutions Globally


ClearWorld created a unique lighting system using MiaSolé FLEX series panels. Also, to harness solar energy, providing outdoor lighting that preserves resources, requires no moving parts, and is virtually maintenance free.

MiaSolé FLEX uniquely well suited to this application as the lightweight, flexible panels wrap around the base of light structure. Additionally, eliminating the solar rectangle “wing” design of typical solar street light panels. The manner in which the FLEX panels lay on top of the cylindrical shape of the pole increases wind resistance. And withstanding 150+ mph winds versus the rectangular panels, only 70-90 mph winds. The curved design performs better in high temperatures. It also allows better solar absorption throughout the day, and resists panel surface build-up of dirt, grass, bird droppings, etc.


ClearWorld’s lighting solutions are less expensive to install and operate than traditional incandescent street lights. Also, having virtually no maintenance costs, no electrical costs, and greater lamp-life hours. The ClearWorld solution provides a clear white light for improved security while remaining compliant with the International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) regulations for reducing sky-glow and light pollution.

MiaSolé FLEX panels are the most efficient thin-film lightweight flexible panels on the market today. With an efficiency rating of 15.5%-generating the most power possible. And then, for ClearWorld, the power generated by a MiaSolé panel is sufficient to charge a backup battery. It can power LED streetlight for up to eight days in times of inclement weather the light will be operational. Because solar-power lighting is self-contain. And it is off-grid, making it ideal for remote locations including roadways, sidewalks, apartment complexes, parking lots, university campuses. Also, government institutions, and military installations.


“Since our RetroFlex is such a unique, patented product, we required a partner who could help us deliver our creativity to a broad audience and marketplace,” said Larry Tittle, ClearWorld President and Founder. “MiaSolé panels work well with the functionality that allow our RetroFlex solution to get around existing poles, no matter the scope, size or challenge… we can make it happen.”


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