Our World Needs Smarter Cities

A smart city has the ability to be interconnected with sensors everywhere that intake information. And analyze it to provide real-time results helping make your city the most efficient. Also, we crunch that big data and then we make the city adapt to what’s going on. ClearWorld is working to bring the most advanced technology to cities around the country. Furthermore, the applications ClearWorld are capable of implementing are endless and benefits are substantial.

There are many ways ClearWorld makes improvements with RETROFLEX®.In urban areas, we provide communications for intelligent parking and infrastructure for public WI-FI expansion, such as emergency environmental sensors. Our technology is capable of real-time traffic monitoring and enhancing communications to provide solutions. In suburban retail areas, we provide off-grid installations to reduce retail development costs and encourage community growth.

For residential areas, we provide better security with smarter lighting and remote surveillance camera monitoring. At nearby parks and campuses, we will provide security and emergency buttons on light poles and USB charging stations options.

ClearWorld will also secure off-grid lighting for parks, trails, and recreational areas helping to ensure safety. One of the best smart city technologies offered by ClearWorld is the ability to provide 80 hours or more of backup power to city infrastructure during power outages which greatly enhances city resiliency.

ClearWorld has successfully launched several pilot programs across the U.S. Also, hurricane-prone areas like City of Miami and Miami-Dade where Resiliency and Crime reduction continue to be a top priority. These cities are well on their way to becoming smarter cities. And we are proud to partner with them in this progressive movement.

Think of your city as a machine: even if a machine is running, there can still be many deficiencies. The gist of the smart city movement is this notion that if we can somehow measure the data, optimize this data and in turn it into useful information to make our municipalities better for everyone. Our products can assist with harnessing and can measure this big data across smart cities.

Our team is happy to educate you on the Solar LED process, the installation, and what to expect from our products. ClearWorld, with the use of its RETROFLEX® and other related game-changing alternative energy technologies and solutions, proves time and again vast benefits for the environment, economy, and society.