Healthy for Bodies and Budgets

Powering cities, business, and homes, with solar power, can help communities avoid greenhouse gas emissions, reduce air pollution, and avoid the cost of increasingly expensive natural resources. Also, most cities’ utilities currently rely on a massive amount of natural gas to generate electricity for their communities The main component of natural gas is methane — a strong climate pollutant that has 80 times the warming power of carbon dioxide in the short-term. Our team at ClearWorld is taking steps to eliminate these harmful effects.

According to the American Lung Association, 52 percent of Americans live in a place where pollution often reaches dangerous levels. There are also pressing public health concerning methane and volatile organic compound leaks from oil and gas facilities. This directly increases ozone smog levels, which aggravate asthma and other cardiac and respiratory ailments. Health concerns are only going to intensify and Let us make your city healthier with clean energy.

Our products are also the most efficient during unexpected hiccups and blackouts. InterGrid, a division of ClearWorld, is an energy storage microgrid technology solution. InterGrid is an intelligent solar lighting system, designed to collect and store solar power to provide backup power to municipalities and utility companies. During emergencies and unexpected grid outages, ClearWorld and its Intergrid technology provide invaluable critical services to clients.