Plan Ahead, Structure Your Upgrade the Smart Way

Over the years we have seen LED lighting opportunities change. In the 1990’s we were given the fluorescent system. In the recent 2000’s we witnessed the HID systems emerge. As LED lighting has now taken the market, the payback on those systems (the time it takes to pay back their initial costs in energy savings) is beginning to approach one or even two year averages.

Even with these valuable considerations, there are several ways to maximize your investment by upgrading to ClearWorld’s full suite system. And to speed up the payback while realizing the greater benefit and making a positive contribution to our environment.

Let’s take a look at it from an overall market perspective: Over the last 3.5 years, the LED lighting market has grown substantially in the range of 2% to over 22% saturation rate and growth. As part of this increase, we too at ClearWorld are seeing positive growth spurts for Solar, LED and battery storage.

More importantly, with this game-changing technology, it’s evident that the battery storage component will play a vital role in resiliency, smart grid control, and smart city services for a long time to come. Over the last decade, we have seen decreases in the solar energy market to over 60%. As this market continues to mature and rapid technological developments occur, the solar photovoltaic (PV) industry and available 30% ITC 48 investment tax credit help bring the solar PV paybacks down near the five-year mark.

In addition to this federal tax credit, there are available state rebates and incentives that make it even more attractive.

Furthermore, since we use a DC/DC system with no driver. It does not only save costs but provides efficiency and reduces maintenance by not having an inverter. By seeing these system reductions, owners should qualify under the dual use section of the ITC Tax Code since it is not drawing more than 25% from the electrical grid if any. ClearWorld‘s approach to using DC power saves an additional 25-30% in energy consumption, making a clear choice.

By upgrading to ClearWorld’s advanced technologies, you can upgrade to a system that not only takes you into the future but harnesses the power of the sun’s free solar energy.