Interesting Facts About Solar Energy

We wanted to point out a few facts about Solar Power that we often forget.  These issues are important alone because of number 1 on the list.  We are an industry on the rise and the solar technology of today continues to progress.  Our panels create an excess of energy…so the only real thing to do is creatively figure out what to do with the excess.  Put your minds to work and think of this short list. And on how you can embrace solar today with a ClearWorld solution.

  1. Demand for solar energy items is currently greater than supply.
  2. Today’s home solar energy systems are low maintenance and will last for decades.
  3. Due to the increase in competition from manufacturers and DIY solar energy kits, the cost of solar panels continues to fall.
  4. Expected in the next decade that photovoltaic (solar) power will be similar in price to traditional sources of electricity.
  5. Solar panels will be a standard feature for newly constructed homes and commercial buildings.

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