Solar Energy Can Solve Alternative Energy Solutions

California has taken big strides in terms of solar energy as a leader in grid integration. In 2014, a record amount of energy in California came from solar power and they’ll continue to increase their use. The benefits of using rooftop solar grids are cost related because there’s less money spent on building new power plants. There are also employment-related benefits to the use of solar technology as in California alone it was a $7 billion industry with 50,000 jobs in 2013 and it continues to grow today. As a state, California gets 5% of its electricity from solar making it a worldwide competitor for top solar capacity. That 5% is the equivalent of 10.2 billion pounds of coal that is not burned. We can also say 9.5 metric tons of CO2 not in the air or 2.5 power plants not producing particles into the air we breathe.

More detail can be found at on the issue, as they looked into the subject in-depth and explored how solar can be a game-changer for U.S. States.

As California has set the table for the rest of the US to follow, other states are lining up with incentives for solar solutions as alternative power sources, or to simply help the burden of rising power costs.  For example, and we’ve said this before, typically 35% of a city budget goes to streetlights alone.  If a city used the ClearWorld solution, that means that the 35% that is spent used to keep lights on. It could go to other essential areas and make cities cleaner and safer.

Our challenge is to continue to get the word out about ClearWorld. And also, on how we are more than just new lights on poles.  Our products go way beyond an ordinary light bulb.  Call us today to find out more about who we are and what we do.


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