Enhanced Communications

Enhanced communications expand the reach and intensity of solar through resilient power and high line of sight. Increased security with remote camera monitoring capabilities for intelligent parking, infrastructure for public WiFi expansion. And also, environmental sensors assist in the growth sector of our solar communities.

Smart cities will realize these opportunities by taking advantage of public/private partnerships in which telecom service providers and investment tax credits (ITC) solution providers bring in their assets, expertise, and experience. ClearWorld is working to bring the most advanced technology to cities around the world. The applications are endless and the benefits substantial.

Moreover, once the foundation is laid out, there is ample opportunity to optimize the city’s public infrastructure. It includes buildings, public space, roads, traffic lights, parking, etc. Optimization contributes to a sustainable environment. Also, elements like a smart grid help reduce CO2 footprint and energy bills, and wireless sensors can continuously monitor and control pollution, lighting, and waste.