Solar Streetlights in Extreme Weather

The Gulf South is no stranger to bad weather. ClearWorld streetlights can withstand in even the most destructive forces of nature. Solar powered lights installed in Saudi Arabia where heat is damaging but the lights were made to withstand these temperatures. One of the main concerns in creating lights that can withstand extreme weather conditions is making sure that the important components are hidden from the outside forces. Batteries and controllers must remain functioning and so specific batteries are used to withstand temperature changes. Solar panels are built to last up to 25 years and are insulated from wetness or dust. Specific lighting components are built for the area they will be installed so they can adapt to the weather conditions.

In Louisiana, we were recently hit hard with a line of thunderstorms and gusts that reached in excess of 110 miles per hour. It produced widespread outages, knocked out power lines and left thousands of residents in the dark for a few days.  This created problems and crimes of opportunity because of downed power.  ClearWorld’s solutions would have been able to keep the lights on for those nights where there was no power and kept residents safe and more secure.  It is when the challenges arise that we recognize the need for more modern solutions to power lines going down.  Below are a few links to stories that the Times Picayune reported as a result of the outages that may very well have been prevented.

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