As the name itself suggests, the off-grid solar systems are not connected with any utilities. Since they hold the capability of producing a good amount of electricity via photovoltaic panels, their energy gets stored in a battery bank that can be used as per the need and requirement.

Below mentioned are some crucial tips for off-grid solar system maintenance:

Constantly monitor its charging levels:
A primary part of keeping up with off-grid solar systems is taking great care of its battery bank. Since it’s the main source of electricity for this system, maintaining the bank more than the system itself is highly crucial. Checking the charging level on a timely basis is crucial. If you ever see the battery getting discharged by more than 50% daily then this can result in a shortened lifespan of the battery. Hence make sure you monitor this space carefully along with DOD and SOC.

Battery equalization:
Equalization refers to the process of keeping all cells completely charged at the same time. This is an important method to learn and every owner of an off-grid solar system must equalize the batteries every six months for better performance. Make use of the charger to change the voltage level for the equalization process. You can also change the length of the time required to do it using the charger.

Fluid level check:
With battery charging and supplying power, the water begins to evaporate. This may not be seen in the case of sealed batteries but also non-sealed model owners often come across this situation of the water being soaked in some time. For this, keep opening up the battery caps to check the level of fluids. Try using a hydrocap instead of a regular cap to prevent regular water from escaping.

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